May 2019

4 Downsizing Tips before Moving

The entire moving process can seem like a never-ending procedure because of coordinating all moving tasks. Moving can be a hectic process regardless of whether you are moving to the next apartment or to another city. The process of hiring local movers, packing, organizing, paperwork, discarding, and cleaning can be challenging even for local moving. However, moving becomes more challenging than before when you are downsizing. However, these downsizing tips should help you to reduce the stress of a local move irrespective of the reason for downsizing.

1. Evaluate your belongings
It is paramount to take stock of your belongings before you even decide to relocate. Come up with a list of all your household items then choose the fundamental belongings and those that you can dispose of by selling. The process of deciding the belongings that are fundamental to you and those that are not can be challenging. As such, you can make the process more manageable than before by considering the items you would replace after a house fire. You need to come up with a moving list containing the must-haves, can live without and can replace things. You can downsize with the can live without items and replace the can-replace items.

2. Sell the items you can live without
You should sell the things that you can live without for cash. The truth is that it is not always easy to sell some of these belongings if you have an attachment with them. However, it is necessary to sell the items for extra cash. You can hold a yard sale with your friends or neighbors to sell unwanted items. You should keep in mind that the primary reason for selling these belongings is to raise extra cash to purchase the things that will fit in a smaller house. Also, make sure that you pick the items that depreciate. But, you can donate the items to charity if they cannot be sold.

3. Get a storage space
Sometimes some of the items you cannot live without are valuable or are sentimental to you. Consequently, you may find it hard to sell the items. If that is the case, you can consider renting out a storage space to store the items. Most local movers Calgary offer storage services to customers. However, the cost of paying for additional storage space can be high unless the items something to you.

4. Avoid duplication
The step is often crucial for people who are moving in with another person. You need to check the inventory together and avoid having duplicate items. For instance, there is no need for having several chairs, dish sets, couches, and desks. The items will clutter your new home. You can choose the things to bring before moving to the new house. Also, it is not advisable to have duplicate items even if you are moving in alone.