5 Ways To Decorate A Child’s Room with Wooden Wine Boxes

Empty wooden crates can be recycled into many useful things, but wooden wine boxes can become fun, unique, and useful items in a kid’s bedroom. Some of the projects will require hardware and paint, but sometimes, you can use a clean box as-is. Here are five ways to decorate a child’s room with wooden wine boxes.

1. Toy Box

The simplest project and a handy item to have in any young person’s room is a catchall toy box. If you want to customize the boxes, paint them bright primary colors or light pastels. If your box is made of decorative wood, such as walnut or cherry, it may already look good. To clean off the wood, vacuum or wipe off any accumulated dust then use a commercial wood cleaner and a soft cloth to scrub off any remaining residue.

2. Shoebox

Shoes tend to become scattered around the house, but if your child had a designated area for them, it might help keep them out of your living room. To make the wine crate stand out as a shoebox, paint it one solid color. Next, either stencil or paint the word shoebox on it, or instead of painting on the letters, use stickers. Put the box on the floor of the closet. It should help eliminate lost shoes and clutter.

3. Bookshelf

Whether you have one or several wooden wine boxes, they can make a handy bookcase. If you have a few boxes, stack them on top of each other. Nail or screw them together, but make sure the tips of the nails or screws hide entirely in the wood so that they will not scratch any little hands. Once you have the boxes stack, you will want to attach them to the wall. Securely bolt it to the studs in the wall so that it cannot topple over. One wine box can make a bookshelf when placed on top of a dresser.

4. Photo Box

Use a wine box as a shelf to display photos and keepsakes in a child’s room. Paint it or decoupage photos around the outside. To decoupage wood, lightly sand the surface so that it is slightly rough. This will help the paint adhere better. Next, paint the wood with white primer. Print out your favorite photographs and cut some of them into shapes. Apply the pictures to the box with special decoupage glue, which you can purchase at most craft stores. Once the glue is dry, hang the box up high and fill with memories. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at www.ekanconcepts.com.

5. Moveable Crate

Make a wine box a crate on wheels. Pick out four small castor wheels from your local hardware store. Paint or clean off the box. Screw on the wheels, and make sure the sharp tips do not poke through the bottom of the box.

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