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The World Conference has ended!


Eschaton 2012 Videos
Talks, as recorded by AtheismTV:
Eschaton 2012 montage
Islam, Atheism and Society:
Heina Dadabhoy
Kevin Brown
Ophelia Benson: Does God Hate Women?
Allan Daoust: Archaeology, Anthropology and Eschatology
Vyckie Garrison: If the pre-millennial Christians are wrong about the End of the World, the Dominionists are going to make us wish there had been a Rapture!
Sara Mayhew: Creating Skeptical Heroes
Larry Moran: Science vs. IDiots
Eugenie Scott: Creationism du Jour
Jeff Shallit: Numerology
Steve Tomlins: Studying Atheism in the religion department
Panel on science education (Moran, Myers, Scott)
Panel on Skeptivism (Mayhew, Shallit)
More to come!
Romeo Vitelli: Video of the “Kill the Bill” protest
Eschaton 2012 In The News
Ottawa Citizen: Ottawa skeptics hold conference to question everything
Le Droit: Fin du monde: les sceptiques ne craignent pas d’être confondus
Protest coverage: Metro News, Capitol Xtra, Demotix
Eschaton 2012 In The Blogosphere
Eschaton 2012: for those that haven’t drank the Kool-aid
Wolverine and Lego sex: Eschaton 2012
Butterflies & Wheels:
It’s a wrap
Stop faith-based bigotry
Canadian Atheist:
Best Conference at the End of The World
Kevin Smith at the Museum
Choice In Dying:
Back from Ottawa and there’s still a world! But the Mayans have a few days left before their prediction is falsified!.
Hesitations about the “Ottawa” experience
Eric MacDonald posts his talk:
This, really, is all about Elizabeth — I
This, really, is all about Elizabeth — II
Citizen of Earth:
Eschaton 2012 Open Thread and Beta Culture Post List
Pics from Eschaton 2012
Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop: Reflections on the Lake of Fire at the End of the World: Eschaton 2012
My Secret Atheist Blog: Yey! Eschaton 2012! What a Great Way to End the World!
Pharyngula: I’m back!
Ph.D in Parenting: A Secular Parenting Workshop at a Skeptics’ Conference
Eschaton 2012
My Unremarked Remarks at Eschaton
PZ, Poutine, and the End of the World
Science Education at Eschaton 2012
Ian Cromwell Talks About Zombies and Racists at Eschaton 2012
Scribbles And Rants:
Eschaton 2012
There. Now You Have a Country.
The Crommunist Manifesto:
Crommunist’s #Eschaton2012 wrap-up
#Eschaton2012: some additional reflections
A response to Larry Moran

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Benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer Toronto


Driving under the influence is a very serious offense especially in Toronto, Canada. If you are caught operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level that is above 80 milligrams then you can get charged with a criminal offense. If you are convicted of a DUI then you will be subject to penalties and consequences that range from fines, suspension of your license, and even jail time. Due to the seriousness of a DUI charge it is important to hire legal representation. A DUI lawyer Toronto can help your case in a number of ways.

Driving under the influence is a very serious offense especially in Toronto, Canada. If you are caught operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level that is above 80 milligrams then you can get charged with a criminal offense. If you are convicted of a DUI then you will be subject to penalties and consequences that range from fines, suspension of your license, and even jail time. Due to the seriousness of a DUI charge it is important to hire legal representation. A DUI lawyer Toronto can help your case in a number of ways.

First, hiring the right DUI lawyer can help to make sure your rights are being protected. A DUI lawyer Toronto will make sure that every aspect of your case lines up with current laws and guidelines. These lawyers have much experience and have been properly trained in the law so in the event that your arrest or any evidence from your case is questionable your DUI lawyer will make sure to make such information known. Revealing such questionable circumstances surrounding your case can be beneficial for you.

One of the penalties associated with DUI charges are expensive fines. These fines can cause one to easily enter into a financial struggle. With the right DUI representation, the financial penalty that is associated with DUI charges can be greatly reduced and made affordable to you.

Without a lawyer, you may find yourself receiving the maximum penalties for a DUI charge. One of these maximum penalties can include jail time. Time in jail can cause you to miss out on spending time with your loved ones and even cause you to lose your job. If you lose your job then who will help to care for your family while you are locked up? Instead of representing yourself and possibly receiving time in jail, hire a DUI lawyer. A DUI lawyer can help to possibly reduce the consequences associated with your DUI charge.

Losing your license is a well known penalty for a DUI conviction. This consequence can cause you to become much inconvenienced. Without a license you will not be able to drive to work, appointments, or to go shopping. Do not allow this to happen to you. Instead of risking losing your license, hire representation that can fight for you and possibly help you to keep them.

DUI charges are very serious and can result in life changing penalties. Instead of possibly being devastated by the consequences, hire a DUI lawyer to make sure your rights are protected and possibly get less severe.

Why Vaping Has An Edge Over Smoking


Some smokers might have a hesitancy about vaping because they are not sure that it will yield the same experience. They might have tried a vape device in the infancy of the industry and concluded that it cannot function as a replacement to smoking. But with the evolution of the industry has come a lot of advancements that making vaping into a real alternative. In fact, if you vape, then you probably know that it has an edge over smoking.

There Are Many Flavor Options
A benefit of the tobacco industry is that it comes with a host of options so that people can choose any brand and flavor that is suitable to them. Through the last few years, the vaping industry has developed a comparable, if not superior, range of options. There are hundreds of e-juice flavors, many of which are designed to mimic the flavor of cigarette brands. There are also highly favored options such as vanilla, butterscotch, blueberry, banana, and much more.

Vaping Is Safer
The study of the effects of vaping has been a little divisive. Some scientists think that it is safe, while others are not sure about the long-term effects. Since scientists only recently began this inquiry, it is difficult to assess. But one thing that is for certain is that it is safer than smoking. This is evidenced by the fact that smokers who switch to vaping feel that they are in better health. Their breath comes easier, food tastes better, and they essentially yield all of the benefits of quitting.

It Saves A Lot of Money
If you are a heavy smoker living in the great state of New York, you might spend $70 every week on cigarettes. Even without New York’s tax on cigarettes, smoking could be a major financial burden. Vaping is far cheaper. The initial expense will be a little high (depending on the model that you buy), but it is still a wise investment because e-juice lasts longer and is cheaper than cigarettes.

Social Considerations
Smoking can have a pretty negative social stigma. If you show up to a date or a job interview smelling like cigarettes, it will not reflect too well on you. Beyond that, the smell of smoke can bother your family, roommates or neighbors. If you switch to vaping, that problem will totally dissipate because it does not leave a foul odor. There might be a slight odor for a few seconds, but it is not as offensive as the smell of burnt tobacco. Something else to consider is the presence of unsightly ashtrays around the house. It is not a very nice complement to home decor.

Overall, vaping has a definitive edge over smoking. Once the broader market becomes more amenable to vaping, the tobacco industry might fade into irrelevancy because everybody will see the benefits of vaping. There is more information available at the Tools 420 website.

How to See Your Credit Score and What it Means


The concept of quick cash loans is one that has gained very high popularity with most people taking advantage of the flexible nature of the loans. Financial emergencies are unavoidable, and not a lot of options are available at most times. The uncomplicated process of applying for an immediate cash loan is one reason they make for viable solutions in dire circumstances. Another reason most people turn to fast cash loans is due to poor credit scores. If you are asking for a loan for the first time, you may not be clear on how to check your credit score or what the figures mean.

How to Check

One misconception to clear up is that a credit report is not the same as a credit score. A credit report is a file comprising of all your financial information such as mortgage payments, credit cards, and other loans. On the other hand, a credit score is a three-digit-number derivation of a mathematical formula based on the information provided in the credit history. You can get a credit report for free, but you have to pay to get your credit score. In Canada, you can use either one of the two national credit bureaus to get your credit score.

What it Means

Credit scores oscillate between 300 and 900 with higher scores increasing the chances of getting loans. Of course, lenders have different qualifications when looking at credit scores, but typically a score of 650 or more is not a bad one. A score of 760+ is viewed as excellent credit, and an individual would have no problem securing a loan; fast cash or otherwise. A score below 650 is fair while below 550 is poor, making it nearly impossible to get a conventional loan with lenders. However, cash loans online won’t present much of a problem even with such scores. Keep in mind that you may get different scores depending on the bureau.

Improving Scores

Even though you can get fast cash loans with a bad credit score, it is essential to understand what determines these scores so that you can take steps to improve yours. One clear indicator that credit bureaus look at is the payment history of an individual. Whether it is a business loan, mortgage, or car loan, timely payments will add points to your credit score. A properly established credit account history is another element that will tilt the scales in your favor in regard to your score. Be careful about opening and closing accounts, especially when you intend to get a loan in the immediate future. Carefully monitor credit card usage to avoid going over the limit because the balance on these cards impacts your score. It is possible to use quick cash loans to avoid ruining your credit scores any further like say, using one for emergency travel instead of maxing out your cards. For more information, please check out the Lendgreen website.

Discount Car Rental – Get The Best Rates Today!


If you were asked to explain to someone how they can get the best car rental rates in Sydney, Australia, what what you say? It really does pay for you to know what steps to take in order to get a cheap car rental. When on vacation, you’re not just there for a day, so you need at least a rental for a few days. This can be a setback financially if you’re not able to get a good rate. What exactly do the experts recommend that you should do in order to secure a discount car rental?

You see the major car rental companies out there, but leave those out of the picture for a moment. Especially in a far away country, you have to keep your mind open. For starters, you can seriously grab some good deals with the lesser known car rental companies. In fact, go with ones that are based primarily on the Internet so that you can score deals from businesses that have lower operating expenses. Wouldn’t it make sense that they could pass on a little of that savings to their customers?

If you think the quoted rates you’re getting aren’t cheap enough, then you need to be looking for online promo codes and discounts. All that requires is a little digging around because there are multiple sites that will have codes that you can try. As always, don’t count your chickens before they hatch because codes don’t always work. But you’re likely to find one that will! Check in the internet at

If you want to rent a car at the airport, you’re going to pay more, bottom line. You might be able to pick your car up at the airport, but you want to do the booking online. You’ll see why when you see the discount rates, and you’ll remember to take this step next time you end up paying through the nose by renting while at the airport.

One little trick you might want to do deals with your reservation time. If you reserve the vehicle rental for longer, you can often get a discount. Then you would just return the vehicle when you’re done. There are all kinds of great ways to score cheap deals, but those promo codes and discounts found online all over the place are your best bet for getting discount car rentals in Sydney Australia.

The Best Tax Lawyers In Toronto


Perhaps you have a tax issue that you would like to dispute in court. Or you just need the advise of a professional lawyer. If that is the case, you will certainly need the services of a tax lawyer. Toronto prides itself for homing a great number of tax lawyers. It is therefore your obligation to ensure that you make the right selection.

The best tax lawyers in Toronto are those that can represent you in court in the most productive way. They should bear all traits that define a good lawyer. They should help in bringing justice to effect. Check online at

Here are among the names that have been legally acknowledged in the list of best tax lawyers in Toronto:

1. Cassels Brock & Blackwell LPP
Apart from offering the best tax lawyers, Cassels Brock and Blackwell LPP also provide the best advise in the same front. The firm has for long been in practice and that is why clients are assured of the best counsel. Their establishment in Toronto has severed thousands of clients with each one of them confirming success.

2. PwC Law LPP
The firm came into existence not so long ago. The new PwC Law LPP emerged back in 2015 and it has been ranked among the firms with the best tax lawyers in Toronto. You will have the privilege of chatting and sharing your concerns with the likes of Jim Wilson and Elizabeth Johnson.

3. McMillan LPP
The tax department of this firm offers you the best services with regard to tax law. The company partners with Vancouver and Montreal to ensure that the kind of services offered are in deed top notch. Based on the profound experience that lawyers from this firm have, you are assured of nothing short of success.

4. Miller Thompson
Here comes yet another team of professional tax lawyers in Toronto that you should consider. The team has a very strong and reputable track record. Aside from that, the team handles different aspects of tax including litigation, international trade, and charities among others.

5. Aird and Berlis LPP
The firm not only has local influence in legal tax matters but also goes beyond the boarders of Toronto. For instance, the firm recently provided professional counsel for MeadWestvaco. Here, clients are privileged to meet the most qualified lawyers in taxation and related matters.

Be sure to consult a tax lawyer whose track record speaks for itself. A lawyer who will undoubtedly offer the best counsel. This can be done through careful consideration of key professional traits of an individual lawyer or even a firm.

Approaching The Real Estate Market In Canada


Just about every real estate opportunity you can imagine exists in Canada for real estate investors and residents alike. The real estate market in Canada is doing quite well according to many sources, and investors are particularly taking notice in certain areas. Whether you want to buy property in one of the major cities, commercial property or even that rustic residence set among the gorgeous backdrop of Canadian forest and wildlife, you can find it with the help of an agent. Check online

Buyers do want to look into the ideal location for what they are wanting since Canadian real estate is so diverse. Naturally, you want to determine what your budget is going to be. Is this your residence, or are you buying into the Canadian real estate market as an investor?

While you are going to be able to do your own digging, at some point you’re going to want to reach out to a real estate investor to help you get answers to the rest of your questions. You can gain insight into neighborhoods, price ranges and other statistics that can help both investors and general buyers.

There are many great vacation property developments in Canada, and you might want to look into those as well. More and more people are making the trip to Canada for vacation these days, and investors are definitely getting excited about these deals. Pick up a vacation property in Canada while the real estate market is on the rise, and you’ve got quite the investment there.

If you’re not from Canada, then you may not be familiar with the differences when it comes to the real estate market and laws concerning purchases. There are certain extra expenses that you must be prepared for, but of course you should already know that in general when it comes to buying real estate. Still, it helps knowing exactly what they are, and your agent can help you figure out what to put aside and also help you when making offers on properties.

You want to be just as versed about the market as you are about the market where you live. You’re obviously going to need an agent for this considering you’re looking at property in a different country. Ontario real estate is hot right now, and there are all kinds of diverse properties just in that location alone.

Importance Of Hiring A Professional Plaster And Stucco Contractor


If the walls of your house have missing lines or chunks of plaster are falling off the walls, it is time to hire the services of a Canadian professional plastering and stucco expert. While it is true that you can do small plastering jobs on your own, but it is imperative to hire an expert for extensive projects at

Keep in mind that it takes years of experience to master this part. Therefore, it is important that you hire a professional expert who can do the work at an affordable price. Thankfully, there are a number of contractors available today at an affordable price.

You will have to spend some money but quality work does not come cheap. Do not make the mistake of hiring a novice as chances are that the plaster will fall off within a short period of time. In that case, you will have to hire a contractor again.

However, you can easily bring down the cost of plastering by doing some work on your own. So, to save money, you should ask the contractor about the things that you can do to make it easy for them to complete the work. When you make it easy for them, it will take them less time to finish the work and you will end up saving a lot of money.

You need to remove all the pictures and furniture from the room when if it is a big project. It is also important that you cover the whole floor with cardboard especially if the old plaster needs to be removed. All the areas need to be washed to get rid of fingerprints, grease and dust.

If a new veneer coat is required to be put on old plaster, a bonding agent needs to be used first. This bonding agent is sprayed or rolled on the old plaster to provide extra stick-ability. You can save some money if you can roll on the bonding agent on your own. You can ask the contractor if you can apply the bonding agent to ease his work.

You may also take care of removing the debris and cleanup after the work is done to save time of the contractor. Before hiring a contractor, you should ask for estimates from local contractors. Also, do not forget to check their reputation by looking at their reviews online. There are a number of review websites where you can easily find the reviews of various plaster contractors.

The Guide To Solving Your Debt


Debt is a problem that a lot of people have to deal with on a regular basis. However, no one really likes being in debt and often need to look at the experts from who can stop wage garnishment and get out of debt. Anytime, people will want to have a guide that makes it easier for them to get the relief they want to have from the crushing issues of debt.

Figure out which of the debts has the smallest balance possible. When this is done, people will be able to determine which of their cards is going to need to be paid off first. For example, if they have five credit cards and the smallest one is two hundred dollars, they would pay the minimum on the other cards and pay an additional five to ten dollars on the other cards. This is going to allow people to start to pay off the small balance early. This in turn will allow them to take the payment from that card and transfer it to the next card that has the small balance.

If people have a lot of debt, they may want to consider refinancing the debt. By taking and refinancing some of the debt into a loan, it will be easier for people to afford the debt and know if they are going to be able to get rid of the debt faster. This can be a personal loan, home equity line, or some other method that is available for people to use. However, it is key for people to get all of their credit cards and as much debt as possible locked into the single loan. This way people are able to get everything paid off quickly and easily. Without this, people may struggle to get the debt paid off.

Being able to get out of debt is a great feeling, but for a lot of people it is nearly impossible for them to reach the debt relief they want because they are so far in debt. This is when people should know more about the ability to get out of debt quickly and easily. By using this simple guide it will be easy for people to get out of debt faster than what they imagined and know they will not be stuck paying for debt when they are trying to live off of their retirement check.

How To Use Promotional Products On Social Media


Are You The Only Person Going To Your Social Media Sites?

Virtually every small business owner today knows that branding is a vital part of growing a market today. Social Media is considered one of the best and inexpensive way to make branding available to consumers. The owner sits down and develops a social marketing plan on works on it daily. The result is the mournful sound of crickets. Where is everybody?

Try Offering Inexpensive Custom Products As A Part Of Your Social Media Plan

If this has happened to you, perhaps you should consider the use of promotional products as a part of your social media marketing plan. Did I hear you say that you can’t afford to pay for promotional products? That simply isn’t true today. People love giveaways even inexpensive ones. There are companies out there whose business it to provide you with inexpensive items that are branded with your business’s name and motto. Promotional products such as custom lanyards, pens or even tote bags.

Offer Branded Products To Get Visitors To Respond To Your Call To Action

Now that you have promotional products you need to get busy marketing. Post a contest or offer a gift to the first ten people who sign up for your newsletter. Decide what action you most need your customer to take and then offer a free branded product. It may sound odd, but people love this stuff especially if it’s quirky and useful. Take the example of a custom lanyard. Lanyards are very popular especially with young people who can find many purposes for them such as carrying a USB, keys or ID. Add a quirky logo or saying and you’re in business. Just be careful that your quirky saying is inoffensive, or you may find the comments going against you. I know of one website that became very popular by offering a t-shirt that showed a donkey bowling on the moon. The item was provided on social media and people still inquire about how to get one.

Contests As Part Of A Social Media Plan

Another good way to get people to engage with your product is to offer your promotional product to your favorite top ten responses to a question you pose. Again people love free stuff and will leave positive and witty replies in the hope of winning one of your free custom lanyards on either Facebook or Twitter. You can also offer such items as part of a plan to get more likes or retweets. Just offer a drawing awarding the first ten names drawn, a branded item. To enter the individual need only like a page or retweet a comment.

In Conclusion

The ideas are endless, and the results will banish those annoying crickets. With the right marketing plan and an inexpensive item such as the custom lanyard or another small item, you can find yourself engaging with your target audience in a positive way. More people will join when the winners of a promotion use word of mouth to brag about the product they one. Others will also want a free product and will be willing to act in a way that benefits your business.

Looking For The Best Personal Injury Lawyer


I am looking for the best personal injury lawyer Toronto. I need one for a situation I was in a few months ago. After having time to think about it, I really need to hire a lawyer to help me sue someone at There was an accident and they were at fault for all of it.

I have never hired a lawyer before but I think I know what I need to look for. Finding someone with experience and that I can afford will be the key. I will be starting off the search asking a few of my friends if they know anyone that can help.

There was a time when I thought I wanted to be a lawyer too. The idea of going to work everyday, helping people get what they needed from others was appealing. I even went to a few pre-law classes but in the end it just wasn’t the right career for me.

I only have a little bit of money for a lawyer. I will need to make sure I find someone who I can afford that can still do what I need them to do. It can be hard to know if a lawyer is going to be good or not just by looking at them which is why I plan to ask some of my friends about it.

I hate that the accident happened to me. I wish I could let it go but I have too many medical bills and getting some extra money will help with them. That is the main reason that I am going to pursue this.

In a perfect world I would not have to worry about it and could just walk away. However, that is not the case. That is why I want to find the best lawyer that I can. I know they can help me get what I need.

Once the case is over I feel like I can rest a little more. Right now I am stressed out about it all. It will be nice once it is over and I can enjoy life a little more like I used to. Having the bills hanging over my head is not a good feeling.

My search shouldn’t take too long. I trust my friends. I know they will come up with a good person for me to go with.

Heritage Education Funds


If you are a parent, you likely have thought and worried about how you are going to pay for your children’s education later down the line, especially if you have multiple children. With the outrageous costs of schooling these days, it can be even more stressful when you realize that the prices are most likely going to go up even further than what they are today. For this reason, most parents or legal guardians decide to put away money in an account for their kids Heritage Education Funds in the future in the form of RESP’s, which are registered education savings plans.

Not only is it a great idea to plan ahead and to start putting away a bit of money each money towards your overall goal of saving up enough money to pay for your children’s education, but there are some inherent advantages of setting up a registered education savings plan as well. For starters, younger people are taxed much less money than adults are, so these plans are set up to basically function as a holding account for money that a parent feeds into. Once the child is old enough to receive the fund and cash it out for payment for college, they will be able to transfer the money to the child’s bank account, which ultimately gets taxed at the rate that a younger person would get taxed for, which is dramatically less in the long run. While this may not seem like a huge deal, the tax savings can add up to thousands of dollars and is a big drawing factor for a lot of parents, who want to save as much money as humanly possible.

There are a handful of companies that offer these types of RESP accounts, and you can check out their individual plans, and consider which one best fits your needs. The various plans out there have proven to provide a great service for saving for college and many people have stated that their savings accounts helped them put their kids through college in a much easier way. If you want to be proactive and think of the long term success of your children, you should absolutely consider opening up a savings account for their future college funds. Even if your child winds up not wanting to go to college, they will still be able to cash out the account and can use that money to get a head start in life.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Toronto


Personal Injury lawyers have become very numerous in Toronto. Accidents happen everyday. It may be a motor accident, an accident at work, medical malpractice, a slip and fall case or even an intentional tortious act. Such injuries may be traumatic but with the help of a personal injury lawyer; you receive adequate compensation. Whether a claimant is seeking to file a claim or seeking legal advice; legal assistance is especially important when the claimant is distraught due to being injured. Personal injury cases come with different levels of severity and consequences; and therefore it is only rational to require professional help. Ask for help online to

For example, a main problem that arises in motor vehicle accidents is dealing with the insurance. A person who has recently suffered a car accident can be vulnerable and unable to handle the insurance claim on their own. This is where it helps to have an injury lawyer qualified in this area as the lawyer can advise and guide the claimant of their best interests and direct them through the process. Medical malpractice is another area that involves personal injury. This area is a bit overwhelming in that usually many hands have had a role in treating the patients and as such difficult to determine who is liable for the patient’s injury. It can be the doctor that operated on the patient, the nurse or any other person who had a role in treating the patient and causing them injury. The two examples mentioned are just two of the many reasons why having a personal injury lawyer would be of a great help to the representation and guidance of the claimant.

Thus, the paramount role of a personal injury lawyer in Toronto has become pivotal in the society. That said, the role of social media in Toronto is inexplicable. With the expansion of social media, personal Injury Lawyers can actually utilize social media ports such as twitter, Instagram and Facebook to their advantage. As such, they can resort to them as evidence in court, and an example of this would be to trace back a tweet or a pictures posted. Furthermore, Social media can be used by Personal Injury lawyers as a way to inform the public about them and their services, and they may have informative posts about important public issues. An example would be Twitter; where a personal injury lawyer may post informative tweets about personal injuries and recent judicial decisions.