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Eschaton 2012 Videos
Talks, as recorded by AtheismTV:
Eschaton 2012 montage
Islam, Atheism and Society:
Heina Dadabhoy
Kevin Brown
Ophelia Benson: Does God Hate Women?
Allan Daoust: Archaeology, Anthropology and Eschatology
Vyckie Garrison: If the pre-millennial Christians are wrong about the End of the World, the Dominionists are going to make us wish there had been a Rapture!
Sara Mayhew: Creating Skeptical Heroes
Larry Moran: Science vs. IDiots
Eugenie Scott: Creationism du Jour
Jeff Shallit: Numerology
Steve Tomlins: Studying Atheism in the religion department
Panel on science education (Moran, Myers, Scott)
Panel on Skeptivism (Mayhew, Shallit)
More to come!
Romeo Vitelli: Video of the “Kill the Bill” protest
Eschaton 2012 In The News
Ottawa Citizen: Ottawa skeptics hold conference to question everything
Le Droit: Fin du monde: les sceptiques ne craignent pas d’être confondus
Protest coverage: Metro News, Capitol Xtra, Demotix
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Eschaton 2012: for those that haven’t drank the Kool-aid
Wolverine and Lego sex: Eschaton 2012
Butterflies & Wheels:
It’s a wrap
Stop faith-based bigotry
Canadian Atheist:
Best Conference at the End of The World
Kevin Smith at the Museum
Choice In Dying:
Back from Ottawa and there’s still a world! But the Mayans have a few days left before their prediction is falsified!.
Hesitations about the “Ottawa” experience
Eric MacDonald posts his talk:
This, really, is all about Elizabeth — I
This, really, is all about Elizabeth — II
Citizen of Earth:
Eschaton 2012 Open Thread and Beta Culture Post List
Pics from Eschaton 2012
Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop: Reflections on the Lake of Fire at the End of the World: Eschaton 2012
My Secret Atheist Blog: Yey! Eschaton 2012! What a Great Way to End the World!
Pharyngula: I’m back!
Ph.D in Parenting: A Secular Parenting Workshop at a Skeptics’ Conference
Eschaton 2012
My Unremarked Remarks at Eschaton
PZ, Poutine, and the End of the World
Science Education at Eschaton 2012
Ian Cromwell Talks About Zombies and Racists at Eschaton 2012
Scribbles And Rants:
Eschaton 2012
There. Now You Have a Country.
The Crommunist Manifesto:
Crommunist’s #Eschaton2012 wrap-up
#Eschaton2012: some additional reflections
A response to Larry Moran

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Why Vaping Has An Edge Over Smoking


Some smokers might have a hesitancy about vaping because they are not sure that it will yield the same experience. They might have tried a vape device in the infancy of the industry and concluded that it cannot function as a replacement to smoking. But with the evolution of the industry has come a lot of advancements that making vaping into a real alternative. In fact, if you vape, then you probably know that it has an edge over smoking.

There Are Many Flavor Options
A benefit of the tobacco industry is that it comes with a host of options so that people can choose any brand and flavor that is suitable to them. Through the last few years, the vaping industry has developed a comparable, if not superior, range of options. There are hundreds of e-juice flavors, many of which are designed to mimic the flavor of cigarette brands. There are also highly favored options such as vanilla, butterscotch, blueberry, banana, and much more.

Vaping Is Safer
The study of the effects of vaping has been a little divisive. Some scientists think that it is safe, while others are not sure about the long-term effects. Since scientists only recently began this inquiry, it is difficult to assess. But one thing that is for certain is that it is safer than smoking. This is evidenced by the fact that smokers who switch to vaping feel that they are in better health. Their breath comes easier, food tastes better, and they essentially yield all of the benefits of quitting.

It Saves A Lot of Money
If you are a heavy smoker living in the great state of New York, you might spend $70 every week on cigarettes. Even without New York’s tax on cigarettes, smoking could be a major financial burden. Vaping is far cheaper. The initial expense will be a little high (depending on the model that you buy), but it is still a wise investment because e-juice lasts longer and is cheaper than cigarettes.

Social Considerations
Smoking can have a pretty negative social stigma. If you show up to a date or a job interview smelling like cigarettes, it will not reflect too well on you. Beyond that, the smell of smoke can bother your family, roommates or neighbors. If you switch to vaping, that problem will totally dissipate because it does not leave a foul odor. There might be a slight odor for a few seconds, but it is not as offensive as the smell of burnt tobacco. Something else to consider is the presence of unsightly ashtrays around the house. It is not a very nice complement to home decor.

Overall, vaping has a definitive edge over smoking. Once the broader market becomes more amenable to vaping, the tobacco industry might fade into irrelevancy because everybody will see the benefits of vaping. There is more information available at the Tools 420 website.

How To Use Promotional Products On Social Media


Are You The Only Person Going To Your Social Media Sites?

Virtually every small business owner today knows that branding is a vital part of growing a market today. Social Media is considered one of the best and inexpensive way to make branding available to consumers. The owner sits down and develops a social marketing plan on works on it daily. The result is the mournful sound of crickets. Where is everybody?

Try Offering Inexpensive Custom Products As A Part Of Your Social Media Plan

If this has happened to you, perhaps you should consider the use of promotional products as a part of your social media marketing plan. Did I hear you say that you can’t afford to pay for promotional products? That simply isn’t true today. People love giveaways even inexpensive ones. There are companies out there whose business it to provide you with inexpensive items that are branded with your business’s name and motto. Promotional products such as custom lanyards, pens or even tote bags.

Offer Branded Products To Get Visitors To Respond To Your Call To Action

Now that you have promotional products you need to get busy marketing. Post a contest or offer a gift to the first ten people who sign up for your newsletter. Decide what action you most need your customer to take and then offer a free branded product. It may sound odd, but people love this stuff especially if it’s quirky and useful. Take the example of a custom lanyard. Lanyards are very popular especially with young people who can find many purposes for them such as carrying a USB, keys or ID. Add a quirky logo or saying and you’re in business. Just be careful that your quirky saying is inoffensive, or you may find the comments going against you. I know of one website that became very popular by offering a t-shirt that showed a donkey bowling on the moon. The item was provided on social media and people still inquire about how to get one.

Contests As Part Of A Social Media Plan

Another good way to get people to engage with your product is to offer your promotional product to your favorite top ten responses to a question you pose. Again people love free stuff and will leave positive and witty replies in the hope of winning one of your free custom lanyards on either Facebook or Twitter. You can also offer such items as part of a plan to get more likes or retweets. Just offer a drawing awarding the first ten names drawn, a branded item. To enter the individual need only like a page or retweet a comment.

In Conclusion

The ideas are endless, and the results will banish those annoying crickets. With the right marketing plan and an inexpensive item such as the custom lanyard or another small item, you can find yourself engaging with your target audience in a positive way. More people will join when the winners of a promotion use word of mouth to brag about the product they one. Others will also want a free product and will be willing to act in a way that benefits your business.

Heritage Education Funds


If you are a parent, you likely have thought and worried about how you are going to pay for your children’s education later down the line, especially if you have multiple children. With the outrageous costs of schooling these days, it can be even more stressful when you realize that the prices are most likely going to go up even further than what they are today. For this reason, most parents or legal guardians decide to put away money in an account for their kids Heritage Education Funds in the future in the form of RESP’s, which are registered education savings plans.

Not only is it a great idea to plan ahead and to start putting away a bit of money each money towards your overall goal of saving up enough money to pay for your children’s education, but there are some inherent advantages of setting up a registered education savings plan as well. For starters, younger people are taxed much less money than adults are, so these plans are set up to basically function as a holding account for money that a parent feeds into. Once the child is old enough to receive the fund and cash it out for payment for college, they will be able to transfer the money to the child’s bank account, which ultimately gets taxed at the rate that a younger person would get taxed for, which is dramatically less in the long run. While this may not seem like a huge deal, the tax savings can add up to thousands of dollars and is a big drawing factor for a lot of parents, who want to save as much money as humanly possible.

There are a handful of companies that offer these types of RESP accounts, and you can check out their individual plans, and consider which one best fits your needs. The various plans out there have proven to provide a great service for saving for college and many people have stated that their savings accounts helped them put their kids through college in a much easier way. If you want to be proactive and think of the long term success of your children, you should absolutely consider opening up a savings account for their future college funds. Even if your child winds up not wanting to go to college, they will still be able to cash out the account and can use that money to get a head start in life.