How To Use Promotional Products On Social Media

Are You The Only Person Going To Your Social Media Sites?

Virtually every small business owner today knows that branding is a vital part of growing a market today. Social Media is considered one of the best and inexpensive way to make branding available to consumers. The owner sits down and develops a social marketing plan on works on it daily. The result is the mournful sound of crickets. Where is everybody?

Try Offering Inexpensive Custom Products As A Part Of Your Social Media Plan

If this has happened to you, perhaps you should consider the use of promotional products as a part of your social media marketing plan. Did I hear you say that you can’t afford to pay for promotional products? That simply isn’t true today. People love giveaways even inexpensive ones. There are companies out there whose business it to provide you with inexpensive items that are branded with your business’s name and motto. Promotional products such as custom lanyards, pens or even tote bags.

Offer Branded Products To Get Visitors To Respond To Your Call To Action

Now that you have promotional products you need to get busy marketing. Post a contest or offer a gift to the first ten people who sign up for your newsletter. Decide what action you most need your customer to take and then offer a free branded product. It may sound odd, but people love this stuff especially if it’s quirky and useful. Take the example of a custom lanyard. Lanyards are very popular especially with young people who can find many purposes for them such as carrying a USB, keys or ID. Add a quirky logo or saying and you’re in business. Just be careful that your quirky saying is inoffensive, or you may find the comments going against you. I know of one website that became very popular by offering a t-shirt that showed a donkey bowling on the moon. The item was provided on social media and people still inquire about how to get one.

Contests As Part Of A Social Media Plan

Another good way to get people to engage with your product is to offer your promotional product to your favorite top ten responses to a question you pose. Again people love free stuff and will leave positive and witty replies in the hope of winning one of your free custom lanyards on either Facebook or Twitter. You can also offer such items as part of a plan to get more likes or retweets. Just offer a drawing awarding the first ten names drawn, a branded item. To enter the individual need only like a page or retweet a comment.

In Conclusion

The ideas are endless, and the results will banish those annoying crickets. With the right marketing plan and an inexpensive item such as the custom lanyard or another small item, you can find yourself engaging with your target audience in a positive way. More people will join when the winners of a promotion use word of mouth to brag about the product they one. Others will also want a free product and will be willing to act in a way that benefits your business.

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