The World Conference has ended!

Eschaton 2012 Videos
Talks, as recorded by AtheismTV:
Eschaton 2012 montage
Islam, Atheism and Society:
Heina Dadabhoy
Kevin Brown
Ophelia Benson: Does God Hate Women?
Allan Daoust: Archaeology, Anthropology and Eschatology
Vyckie Garrison: If the pre-millennial Christians are wrong about the End of the World, the Dominionists are going to make us wish there had been a Rapture!
Sara Mayhew: Creating Skeptical Heroes
Larry Moran: Science vs. IDiots
Eugenie Scott: Creationism du Jour
Jeff Shallit: Numerology
Steve Tomlins: Studying Atheism in the religion department
Panel on science education (Moran, Myers, Scott)
Panel on Skeptivism (Mayhew, Shallit)
More to come!
Romeo Vitelli: Video of the “Kill the Bill” protest
Eschaton 2012 In The News
Ottawa Citizen: Ottawa skeptics hold conference to question everything
Le Droit: Fin du monde: les sceptiques ne craignent pas d’être confondus
Protest coverage: Metro News, Capitol Xtra, Demotix
Eschaton 2012 In The Blogosphere
Eschaton 2012: for those that haven’t drank the Kool-aid
Wolverine and Lego sex: Eschaton 2012
Butterflies & Wheels:
It’s a wrap
Stop faith-based bigotry
Canadian Atheist:
Best Conference at the End of The World
Kevin Smith at the Museum
Choice In Dying:
Back from Ottawa and there’s still a world! But the Mayans have a few days left before their prediction is falsified!.
Hesitations about the “Ottawa” experience
Eric MacDonald posts his talk:
This, really, is all about Elizabeth — I
This, really, is all about Elizabeth — II
Citizen of Earth:
Eschaton 2012 Open Thread and Beta Culture Post List
Pics from Eschaton 2012
Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop: Reflections on the Lake of Fire at the End of the World: Eschaton 2012
My Secret Atheist Blog: Yey! Eschaton 2012! What a Great Way to End the World!
Pharyngula: I’m back!
Ph.D in Parenting: A Secular Parenting Workshop at a Skeptics’ Conference
Eschaton 2012
My Unremarked Remarks at Eschaton
PZ, Poutine, and the End of the World
Science Education at Eschaton 2012
Ian Cromwell Talks About Zombies and Racists at Eschaton 2012
Scribbles And Rants:
Eschaton 2012
There. Now You Have a Country.
The Crommunist Manifesto:
Crommunist’s #Eschaton2012 wrap-up
#Eschaton2012: some additional reflections
A response to Larry Moran

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