Top 4 Tips for Last-Minute Movers

Moving in a few days? There are times when the unexpected happens and you have to move sooner than you think. Moving in a short amount of time is possible without freaking out. Here are four tips to keep in mind when moving on short notice.

1. Breathe Then Plan Accordingly

Since you have little time to move, you should take some deep breaths so you can focus. Then you can focus on your plan. Rush moves happen for several reasons. Maybe you didn’t get enough notice about your move or you waited until the last minute. Either way, moving in a few days can feel extremely rushed and overwhelming, so it’s important to do some deep breathing exercises.

If you’re in this predicament because of laziness, don’t get mad at yourself. You don’t have time to beat yourself up over it. It’s time to come up with a plan of action. If you need to hire budget movers, then you should focus on that. Get referrals on three or four licensed and reputable moving companies in your area.

You should receive a call back where you’ll schedule a home inspection to get an estimate. As soon as you find the right company, you’ll have to focus on packing. If you don’t plan on using budget movers, figure out how you plan to do it yourself. If you’re renting a moving truck, call ahead of time so you get the truck you need.

2. Gather Your Packing Supplies

It’s important to have your packing supplies available as soon as possible. Ask your family and friends if they have cardboard boxes lying around in their house. Or, you can find some for free at your local grocery store or big box store. You can also use green boxes or storage boxes to pack your belongings.

You’ll also have to determine how many boxes you’re going to need. One-bedroom and studio apartments typically need ten to twenty boxes. A one-bedroom or two-bedroom home usually need twenty to forty boxes. Use wardrobe boxes or garment bags so you can pack your clothing easily without having to take them off their hangers and fold them.

It’s a good idea to determine how much you’ll really need, and buy more than that estimate. Don’t forget the packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, paper, and tape. If you plan on moving your furniture yourself, then get caster wheels or furniture slides.

3. Hire Some Help

If you’re moving in a few days then you’re going to need help. Ask your family or friends to help you move and pack. Make sure to express your gratitude with Chinese food or pizza. If no one is available to help, then you could hire budget movers Toronto that help people move at the last minute. Some services may even do everything from packing to unpacking your belongings and loading and unloading the moving truck.

4. Bring Less Stuff

If you’re moving in a hurry, you’ll want to take less stuff with you. Get rid of the things that you no longer use. Separate them into three piles: Donate, Recycle, and Toss. Donate as many items as possible, so you don’t feel as bad about getting rid of them.

This may involve taking several trips to the recycling bin or another donation site. Maybe you can assign a friend or family member to pick up the items you want to donate. Or, they can store those items for you until you’re done with the move. You can also rent a storage facility to store away the items you plan on keeping.

Moving in a short amount of time isn’t easy. But it shouldn’t be difficult. Prioritizing and time management skills are required to make your move a success. You should also focus on self-care during this time. While you don’t have time to get a massage, you could benefit from breathing exercises, getting sleep, meditating, staying hydrated, and working out.

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